Champagne and Caviar

Discover this December the flavour of
 Grand Siècle Iteration #24 by Laurent-Perrier with a complimentary serve of caviar at our Champagne Bar.


Grand Siècle is the inspiration of one man: Bernard de Nonancourt. As nature will probably never provide the perfect oenological year, for Bernard the art of assemblage allows the creation of this ideal.

Blended with up to 11 of the 17 Grands Crus of Champagne, selected from exceptional years and chosen for their complementary traits to provide structure, freshness and finesse in perfect harmony. Component Vintages:

2007 (60%), 2006 (20%), 2004 (20%)


Oscietra caviar comes from the Russian Sturgeon (an ancient species originally native to black sea, the Caspian Sea and Avoz Sea). It is a medium size fish, providing a poppy and slightly nutty caviar.

One glass of Grand Siècle Iteration #24 by Laurent-Perrier
and a tin of
 Royal Oscietra Caviar, W.G. White (10 grams)


£42 (125ml)

£49.50 (150ml)

Available at the Champagne Bar daily.