Dry January

Titled as the longest Champagne Bar in Europe comes with responsibilities – just because it’s Dry January we could not say Au revoir, Champagne!


However to take part, we created our Dry January Tasting Trio, so you get to try three types of Dry Champagnes, while your expert Champagne server will explain the differences between how they were made and the various notes you should look out for. The trio also includes Champagne from Drappier, the first and only carbon neutral Champagne house – exciting news for those who vowed to be more conscious consumers this year.


The Dry January Tasting Trio is served daily at our Champagne Bar for £26 per person.


If you would like to learn more about Drappier and Dry Champagnes, and enjoy a full three course dinner with matching Champagne and an interactive learning in a fun and informal environment, you can book for our Champagne Masterclass held on Tuesday, 14th January in our Brasserie for £59 per person.

Tasting Trio in the Champagne Bar, available daily.

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Champagne Masterclass with dinner on Tuesday, 14th January.

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