We are ensuring sustainability is at the heart of our business, with a series of sustainability pledges.


Searcys has pledged to buy the best ingredients available, working with British farmers to ensure that up to 90% of all seasonal fruit and vegetables used in the menus is grown in the UK. The company has switched to UK-reared fresh meat, flour milled in England, free-range eggs and milk from Red Tractor certified farms. Tuna featured on their menus comes with the guarantee that it is sustainably and line and pole caught.

All of Searcys’ tea and coffee is Fairtrade or Direct Impact sourced, with their bespoke coffee beans coming from family-run farms in Peru and Colombia, roasted by Bristol-based independent Extract Coffee.

Darren Deadman, Chef Director for the group says. “By buying our signature smoked salmon directly from the family run and Royal Warrant holding John Ross Jr, and ethically sourcing teas and coffee we believe we are demonstrating to our customers that we care about where their food comes from and the impact on the environment, as much as they do”.

Across Searcys’ bars, restaurants and events, there is a firm commitment to championing English Sparkling Wine. Searcys’ Drinks Ambassador, Joel Claustre says, “We have always supported the English Sparkling Wine industry and are delighted to see it going from strength to strength. Our commitment to featuring it on our wine lists continues to make an impression with it becoming an increasingly popular choice”.


Sustainable practices pledges include an assurance to reduce the use of plastic used, switching to metal cutlery, china crockery and glassware for food consumed in Searcys’ cafes. Where disposable packaging is unavoidable, it will be minimised and aligned with the company’s strict waste management protocols. Furthermore, Searcys have completely eliminated the use of plastic straws across all their venues and events.

Tap water is freely available across all restaurants, bars, venues and events, and paper napkins are only be available at till points.


Matthew Thomas says, “Our aim is to recruit and retain the best industry professionals by providing competitive pay, as well as an excellent and safe working environment. Our award-winning Chef and Barista Academies, and a newly launched Searcys Champagne School help develop and celebrate our talent, putting best service at the very heart of our business.”

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